Loyalty Card Completely Free

Through our exceptional loyalty program, enjoy numerous benefits. Your loyalty card is automatically assigned to you upon your first purchase. It's a virtual card, free from the risk of loss, and completely free.

Collect € with Every Purchase

All items purchased on our site contribute to your loyalty card. On the cart page, we indicate how much this cart will earn you. The amount may vary depending on items, categories, promotions, special offers, etc. Most often, it ranges from 2% to 5% of your purchases. Upon receiving your payment, the loyalty card is credited.

Create Vouchers for Immediate Use

Starting from €5 on your loyalty card, you can create a discount voucher from your customer area at any time. Create a €5, €10, €20, or €50 coupon and apply it to your cart, with no minimum purchase. As simple as that!

VIP Pricing All Year Round

Your loyalty card is also a passport to lower prices all year round on our entire site.

As soon as you log into your customer account, all prices on the site are updated according to your loyalty level. Discounts vary depending on items & categories and can reach up to 15%!

You don't have to do anything, your preferred rates are applied automatically. Not bad, right?

3 Loyalty Levels

Your loyalty level is granted based on the amount you've spent in the last 12 months. This level is recalculated every day. This means that if it's October 12th, it will calculate the total of your purchases from October 12th last year to today.

Here are the thresholds to achieve:

€50 spent in the last 12 months

€250 spent in the last 12 months

€500 spent in the last 12 months

Always More for You

Access to private sales & events, special offers, small gifts... You're never far from a pleasant surprise! We truly take care of our loyal customers to make them happy customers!